Tuesday, 25 June 2013

In the beginning...

I've been thinking about the real purpose that people use journals. For writers our intentions are more narrow than ordinary people trying to document their lives. Writers use journals because it is a way of writing without us really realising our progress. Our primary inspirations come from the things we see and do in our lives, and the recording of this inspiration can fuel us in ways we don't realise.

They are also like books for our soul. We can scroll back through them and recollect ways we felt and viewpoints we had. We can use our old selves as characters, we can remember small details of our lives that may one day make it into a book of our own.

So, why did I begin a journal? Why should I tell you, do you care? I read books and I feel flushes of emotion at the words on the page, but a lot of people do, most people do, so why is my word different to you, reader? Why should this journal be so important?

To you, it may not be, but to me it is everything I have outline above. It is my connection to the past I'm probably going to wish I'd never recorded. I'd read back this post and cringe, but at least it will be there.

Moving on from my reasonings, welcome to my new blog! I'll be talking about books, history, television, killers, musicals, Narnia, hot drinks, and pretty much everything else which defines a socially awkward slash partly crazy teenage girl.

So, I like to think of myself as a philosophical junkie, but all I really do is use too much sarcasm and pretend I know what I'm talking about, to let's leave my words to run their course and see what happens.

Have fun, readers!
Rachel x

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