Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hey readers!

This blog has been sitting dormant on the internet for a while for a number of different reasons.

Firstly, A2 exams and revision really got the most of me and I wanted to use my time to read as many books for English as possible, rather than reviewing them. I'm quite happy to say that this paid off, as I read over 100 books last year which is a huge achievement for me and something I'm very proud of! In turn, I received my A-Level results in August and was delighted to get an A* in English Literature along with two Cs in History and Religion.

This being said, I got into York St John University with these grades and so spent a lot of time over the summer buying and reading the books that I'd have to read for my first semester in university. This took up some time, but I managed to read them! I was also really busy with buying essentials for moving away and packing and generally stressing out about moving three-hours away from my parents, but I got it done in the end.

Before I left for Uni though the summer was basically just full of reading books. I went on two holidays too. One was to Brean with a bunch of my friends, the other was a trip to Lanzarote with my family. I went to London for the day with my best girl mates. Went on a tonne of day trips out. Volunteered at the Library of Birmingham for four weeks. Visited my Aunt and Uncle in Manchester. As you can tell, I had no time to reviewing books.

Come September I've been majorly busy with university work. My course is all coursework meaning that I've got six assignments to get done in a semester and a butt-tonne of books that had to be read. Time moves faster in university as you end up studying a book every one-to-two weeks which can sometimes feel way too fast and hard, but you soon start to get used to it.

But I've come back to this blog now because over the past few months I had seemed to lose touch with the bibliophile inside of me. I have struggled with mental illness for about a year now and it became severe in the latter months of 2014. Books were something which were pushed to the side, and I have yet to regain my love for hardbacks and pretty covers and the smell of pages when you flick them from side to side. Not only this, but my writing had suffered as a consequence of this. I hope that my re-opening this blog and reviewing the books I read will encourage me to fall back in love with paperbacks, reading and writing.

So look forward to some reviews coming your way soon! Many will be books I am reading for university but I will always make time for reading my beloved fiction, comics and YA books that I have a guilty pleasure for. If you seriously can't wait, then you can look at my Goodreads page which I update more regularly.

But until then, I'll see you next time!
Rachel x

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