Monday, 9 January 2017

Propositions For This Years Reading

As a new year begins, my reading slate is wiped clean. There is a lot I want to get done this year in terms of reading, just because I made so many discoveries last year of the things I like and enjoy, and the things I want to uncover more of. If I can finish it with just half of the reading experiences I had in the one before it the I'll be pleased. Anyway, here are a few of the things I'm hoping to do in the year of 2017.

1. Read (at least) twenty more classics.
I'm focusing on classics because they're the books that tend to stick with me the most. Too many times I've looked at a book on my shelf that so many people love and recommend and I don't pick it up. I'm honestly sick of saying "Oh yea, I keep meaning to read that" to some really famous books that I should've got to by now. So this year, I'm reading them. They're incredibly famous for a reason, and I keep forgetting that. Watching out War and Peace, I'm coming for you.

2. Read all of Shakespeare's plays
Yes! I want to read all of Shakespeare! Probably has a 1% chance of happening depending on how my reading goes, but I'm optimistic. I've read a chunk already but have a lot of catching up to do. Plus, I have Shakespeare's collected works anyway, so it would be rather rude not to read them all. My trips to Stratford-upon-Avon and the globe last year have really made me want to become more familiar with his literature. 

3. Watch more movies
What the hell does this have to do with reading, I hear you say. Well I always tend for forget that films are actually texts too, and can be 'read' just as easily as books can. I tend to disregard films and TV because they're so passive but you can do just as much with a film as you can do with a novel. It starts with watching the films of some of my favourite books and then I'll just go from there. Many of my favourite novels have become so because I read it after watching the movie first. I need to start watching stuff again.

4. Read (at least) five existentialist books
I love existentialism so much and have so much of it's literature to get through. This will include reading more Camus, Sartre, and definitely de Beauvoir. I've enjoyed the majority I've come across so far so I don't really seeing this be a problem. It'll probably help being part of my existential book club which you can join here.

5. Read five Russian books
Alright so one of my best friends Amy (who has a blog!) recently read The Master and Margarita and she absolutely loved it, and she also read some Tolstoy and loved that too. It made me realise how little Russian lit I've read and it makes me very sad so that's something I'd like to change this year. This will probably end up meaning that I buy every single one of those new Penguin Russian classics that have just come out but oh well. 

6. Read the entirety of Bret Easton Ellis' works
This is happening. No questions asked. I love him. This includes reading Donna Tartt's novels too because their books have crossovers and I also love Donna but this point is just a mess because I can never think straight whenever someone mentions Bret. But yea, I've read two so not far to go.

If I can cross at least one of these off the list then I'll be really happy. I don't know how my reading is going to go this year because I'll be doing the last leg of my dissertation and also starting a master's degree, so I'll most likely be very stressed. But am I really Rachel if I don't stress myself out even more by forcing myself to read all of this stuff? I hope you get all of your reading goals achieved this year, and hopefully if I stick to these I can uncover something awesome.


  1. That is an ambitious reading plans but I fully support more Existentialism, Russian novels and in particular The Master and Margarita

    1. Yea I'm definitely not going to complete all of them, which is why they were just propositions of things I could do rather than outright goals. But Master and Margarita is happening for sure!